Hotel Operations

Hotel Operations

  • Property Management

    Our management staff consists of highly skilled professionals specialized in operating limited service, full-service and extended stay properties. Our team consistently analyzes and directs the needs of each hotel, recognizing properties that perform well and motivating others that need help to maximize their potential. Utilizing this approach, we quickly evaluate and implement changes to ensure a proficient and motivated team manages each property effectively and efficiently. Our comprehensive property maintenance and capital improvement plans ensure that our hotels are in the best possible condition within budget guidelines. Our efforts result in high scores from franchisers on customer satisfaction reports.

  • Sales and Marketing

    At PMA, property-specific strategies for sales and marketing are incorporated into detailed plans to maximize revenue. Plans include the services of revenue management professionals who pro-actively approach setting room rates, establishing customized yield controls and instituting room allotments based on market trends and conditions.

  • Accounting and Financial Services

    PMA provides centralized accounting management. Our accounting staff closely monitors daily revenues, expenses and cash management. Our system is designed to provide senior management and owners with accurate and timely financial data. PMA’s financial reporting system can determine cash positions at any time. Owners receive monthly statistical and financial reports, and analyses that effectively monitor performance of their assets.

  • Capital Improvement Accounting

    In concert with HCPM, PMA’s construction and capital expenditure accounting system provides the necessary safeguards to monitor contractor payments. Our system coordinates contractor payments with invoices, insurance requirements and lien release documentation to ensure that responsible parties have fulfilled their obligations at time of payment. Monthly job cost reports are provided for both new construction and renovation projects.

  • Food and Beverage

    PMA’s professionals have created popular concepts for hotel restaurants and lounges. Our standards of operation are individualized to specific property and consumer needs. Restaurants, lounges, meeting and conference space are positioned to complement a hotel’s character and market. Each space is designed to require minimum capital investments while targeting maximum rates of return.